Aphelion is defined by our mission and a set of values that transcend changing times. Our values enrich us while providing a compass for the greatness we aspire to.


We will

  • keep promises and commitments at all cost
  • be respectfully candid with our advice
  • demonstrate leadership and intellectual honesty even when it is unpopular
  • always hold ourselves to a higher standard while operating within the letter and spirit of the law

Superior Client Solutions

We will

  • be responsive and empathetic to client needs as we create advice that has lasting value
  • develop solutions that evolve with market opportunities and company resources
  • never apply quick fixes or the latest trend
  • provide clients strategic insight and clarity to make informed decisions

Creative Client Collaboration

We will

  • build consensus to positively influence decisions
  • work with our client every step of the way in a manner that is meaningful, respectful and engaging
  • understand the client's character, ideas, motivations, risk, fears and values
  • speak your language and always have open lines of communication

Passion for Building a Better Future

We will

  • lead in developing the most insightful vision of the future
  • help clients see the future in new ways - in a manner that inspires
  • tell a compelling story on emerging markets and their inherent business opportunities
  • promote positive change and together change ideas on what can be achieved