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Aphelion's Leadership
Dwight E. Calbert

Rodger D. Moss, Jr.
Managing Director, Africa Initiatives Aphelion Consulting, LLC

Dwight E. Calbert, an innovative thinker and visionary, is the President of Aphelion Consulting.

Typically collaborating with clients under extreme deadlines and intense market pressures, Dwight advises corporate executives on the design of innovative business strategies and on managing the challenges of their implementation. Examples of his global clients include Pillsbury, Keebler, Goodyear, Denso, Samsung in Seoul, Korea, Toyota in Tokyo, Japan and the U.S. Department of Education.

Dwight’s unique ability to help clients grow by leveraging their core competencies, while building capabilities for innovation, is unsurpassed by his peers. As a leader, he encourages executives to embrace change positively with an expanding vision of how change will create a better future.

Formerly, a leader in PricewaterhouseCoopers Accelerator, an Internet start-up incubator, Dwight managed an emerging practice while lending his entrepreneurial expertise to clients starting new business ventures.

Dwight speaks internationally on innovation, the future of business, growth strategies and infusing traditional corporations with entrepreneurial capabilities. Dwight is a member of The Strategic Planning Society, The Academy of Management and the National Black MBA Association.

Rod Moss, Jr. is a Senior Consultant with more than 15 years of proven experience helping client organizations solve complex strategic issues, create value through innovative insights, maximize growth and improve overall business performance.

Rod manages client engagement responsibilities where he collaborates with C-level executives concerned with the strategy, structure, management and operations of their organizations. Aligned to key clients utilizing innovation to develop stronger market positions, Rod excels at identifying robust opportunities for change that lead to a competitive advantage.

In addition to providing consultation to companies conducting business within the United States, Rod has overall responsibility for management of Aphelion Consulting’s Africa Initiatives Practice. The primary focus of the Africa Initiatives Practice is to advise innovative U.S.-based companies seeking opportunities for investment and expansion into emerging Sub-Saharan African markets in matters ranging from private equity investment and financing to the establishment of a subsidiary entity in Africa.

Prior to joining Aphelion Consulting, Rod started his professional career as a corporate litigation and transactional attorney counseling clients on a wide range of general corporate and commercial matters including complex commercial litigation, mergers and acquisitions, corporate formations and restructurings, and complex corporate financing arrangements.

Rod's skills, experiences and pragmatism gained as a corporate attorney are well balanced with his acquired business experience, creativity and sound judgment which results in his ability to best serve the interests of clientele in need of high level business advice.