Strategy is the Art
of Creating Success
Client Services

Much like art, an effective strategy strikes a balance between creative insight and rigorous analysis; it creates exciting, new, practical possibilities.

Our services are designed to effectively solve strategic problems by leveraging the best of human potential. We focus on taking ideas and creating the optimal balance of people, organizational capabilities, innovation, and change to create success. This focus is central to the value Aphelion provides clients.

Aphelion’s client services are consolidated into six major areas of adding client value where we apply our art of creating success and balance reality with aspirations. All of our services are designed and applied to provide clients with three key elements;

1 - A fresh, big picture perspective for a better future
2 - New ideas, actions and capabilities for creating sustainable growth
3 - Easily applicable, strategically innovative solutions to problems


Today, more than ever, success in business is determined by being distinctively better than your competition. To help clients succeed we design compelling, innovative strategies that lead to sustainable growth and differentiation from the competition.

We GUARANTEE three major elements in our strategies for growth and innovation.

1- We will help clients visualize strategic opportunities before they are broadly recognized in the market

2 - We will help clients develop superior competitive competencies to exploit emerging market opportunities and design distinctive value propositions

3 - We will help clients identify and manage the challenges of change required for the successful implementation of new growth strategies.

Our progressive growth strategies help clients operate on the cutting edge AND profit from our innovation.


As a successful and profitable company, at what point do you start the process of reinventing yourself?

We help clients reframe their understanding of the transformational process that drives reinvention. Our business model transformation services offer clients three extremely valuable components for a controlled evolution:

1 - A structured approach to steadily evolving the core business without diluting the brand or unnecessarily cannibalizing mature revenue streams

2 - A clear, logical view of all innovation opportunity domains

3 - A non-destructive process that builds upon the core elements of the company’s past success

Our expertise at managing strategic transformation will help you evolve into an organization where strategic agility and knowledge create and shape your markets.


Implementing innovative strategies is a change oriented, people intensive exercise that requires the cross-pollination of ideas, consensus building and clear communication. Its nature challenges the basic assumptions of an organization, requiring strong leadership. Applying change and people oriented leadership requires practice and experience.

We help clients build models to structure opportunities for gaining valuable leadership experience, giving executives competitive capabilities and the knowledge necessary for successfully managing organizations of the future. These models match the skill-sets of the organization, and of individuals, to the nature of innovation required for growth.

Our models also help leaders become better acquainted with converging trends, emerging forces, and divergent developments from unfamiliar disciplines. This is a powerful knowledge capability that empowers progressive leaders to better manage the organizational leadership challenge of the future - the continuous change driving technology and business model disruptions.

We have also developed a personal leadership development framework designed around tiers of increasing responsibility intersecting with spheres of expanding influence and control. This framework is used as a client tool to assist individual managers in developing a great leadership brand within their organization.

Aphelion prepares leaders for the task of inspiring and managing positive change.


Competing on speed require new adaptive abilities that confront change. Competing on ideas require individuals to have a wide range of intellectual aptitudes to understand, experiment with and apply knowledge from divergent disciplines. In the future, the companies that successfully combine new adaptive capabilities with diverse Renaissance abilities will be the companies that drive innovation.

We offer services designed to develop organizational and individual capabilities for innovation; helping clients capitalize on the human potential of teams. When helping clients develop organizational capabilities for innovation we focus on four key skills:

1 - Skills for managing uncertainty & risk
2 - Skills for managing new emerging technologies
3 - Skills for managing multi-company collaborative efforts and cross-industry open source innovation partnerships
4 - Skills for managing the development of new ideas into commercially successful products, services and business models

Individually, we help managers develop adaptive, proactive, and emergent decision-making capabilities that influence and shape new markets. These new skills are complemented by risk-reward incentive compensation structures that allow clients to align new competencies with strategic goals while encouraging change and innovation.


Our IT optimization services are designed to help clients manage the interaction of information technology, innovation and strategy to gain the competitive advantage that drives growth. When helping clients optimize Information technology, our strategies focus on three key areas of optimization.

1 - Increasing operational efficiency and cost discipline

2 - Enhancing collaborative communication to increase speed and quality of decision-making

3 - Creating predictive knowledge assets to anticipate emerging forces of market change

We also help clients with the adoption, change and implementation challenges inherent in new IT strategies, processes and systems. A key implementation mechanism we design to enhance adoption of new technologies is a web-based interactive program for the daily reinforcement of strategic change imperatives.

Business Start-Up Services

Entrepreneurship is about vision, passion, innovation and a willingness to take on considerable risk with limited resources. Mapping the vision, harnessing the passion, and leveraging innovation is the simple part for entrepreneurs looking to change the rules of competition in the marketplace. The challenge of managing risk with limited resources in the creation of financially viable business models is far more difficult.

For start-up companies, good advice is as important as people and financing. Trusted advice is the insight that come from understanding and experience with the venture creation process - in knowing the various pitfalls and greatest areas of opportunity. The challenge is reversed for larger corporations.   Resources are more abundant, but the risks, vision and innovation are at odds with the stability and consistent cash flows of large-scale, mature businesses.  Corporations require strategic insight on how to fundamentally change the risk orientation of their established enterprises.

Aphelion's business start-up services are designed for these two distinct client groups.   Emerging growth firms (new venture start-ups and early stage companies), and maturing corporations looking to grow and diversify by creating new ventures. Our start-up services include:

  • Market Feasibility Assessment
  • Business Launch Strategy
  • Business Plan Development
  • Financing Strategy
  • Family-Owned Business Transformation
  • Non-Profit Venture Creation
  • Venture Philanthropy