Our Competencies Create Ideas &
Strategic Innovations for Client Growth
Core Competencies

Aphelion has a unique set of core competencies that compliment our problem solving approach, values and mission. These competencies are the main ingredients in our “secret sauce” of innovative, strategic problem solving for growth.


Culture reinforces capabilities. Our culture of innovation is steeped in imaginative processes that drive ideas. Illustrating our commitment to discovering ideas and their practical benefits, we invest heavily in developing capabilities for clarifying the future. As impassioned students of cognitive science, we leverage idealized design, scenario envisioning and mind mapping to create fresh ideas to shed light on a future full of great possibilities.

Problem Solving

We like to fix things and are driven by being right. We use problem solving as a form of daily inquiry in every client interaction because it turns our innovative ideas into commercial successes. We continually develop methods of creative reasoning, deduction and evidence-based analysis to solve real world problems and establish a framework for a better future.


The process of creating a great business from a vision inspires us. It is important that we emphasize entrepreneurial capabilities and exhibit entrepreneurial resourcefulness in the design of our solutions. Capabilities such as identifying opportunities early, maximizing limited resources and managing the risk associated with creating great ventures all combine to form the street smarts that drive ideas to market success.